The gaming industry has been revolutionized because of the dramatic increase in computational power that is available in the 21st century. Gaming PCs have become extremely powerful because of the advances in semiconductor technology that is the building blocks of many different CPUs as well as GPU units. This means that modern computers have dramatically increased performance and can therefore run real life looking games as well as other applications which requires extensive levels of computational power. an extremely important part of the PC build is the power supply as it determines the amount of power that is available to the CPU and therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right kind of power supply which is dependent on the level of hardware that is present in a particular PC build. The atx power supply is an excellent option when it comes to many different kinds of PC builds as it can allow for a large amount of power throughput to meet the power consumption of many different pieces of hardware in a particular PC build.

The atx power supply, is a well-rounded power supply unit which is available to suit the power consumption of many different kinds of PC builds and can also meet the high-power consumption requirements that are often created by modern gaming PCs. Modern gaming PCs have powerful hardware which includes powerful Central processing units as well as graphical processing units which means that they require a power supply which has the capacity to provide is suitably higher throughput of power to power all the power-hungry units that are present in a gaming pc build. A computer box is required to house all the different equipment that is used in a particular custom PC build as it provides the necessary mounting points that are needed to security hold different pieces of equipment and to also ensure that the computer equipment has necessary air flow which means that the computer will not suffer from thermal throttling issues which would be the case if sufficient airflow is not present.

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