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PVC pipes are one of the best type of pipes available to use in your building structure. It has very high resistance against corrosion and has very high structural strength also. Not only this it is one of the least expensive piping materials available in the market. It does not matter from where you buy it, it will always be in your budget.

PVC for Plumbing:

It is better to avoid using PVC pipes in plumbing. PVC pipes are not rated good for hot water supplies, so, it is prevented by plumbing code for being used in hot water supply lines. Although it is being used in sewerage systems. PVC pipe fittings used especially for drainage are known as DWV (drain, waste and vent fittings).


There are two types of PVC pipe scheduling

  • Schedules 40 PVC pipe
  • Schedule 80 PVC pipe

However, these two types of PVC scheduling are different from each other in many ways. The major and key difference between schedule 40 and schedule 80 is their color. The color of schedule 80 PVC is dark grey and black. But there is another boss difference between this two, and it is the wall thickness. The wall thickness actually set them apart from each other. Schedule 40 PVC pipes have thinner walls as compared to schedule 80 PVC. Another benefit of schedule 80 PVC over schedule 40 PVC is that it can handle higher pressure due to thicker walls.


There are certain limits of temperature that is easily bearable by PVC pipes. PVC pipes are rated to bear up to 140-degree F (60-degree in Celsius). these values of temperature limit are without pressure.  With pressure the temperature tolerance is 100-degrees F (38-degree C). PVC is not a good option of hot water system. It is most commonly used for water, drainage system and gas somehow.

Use of PVC Pipe:

The most common use of PVC pipes is sewerage system. PVC pipes are considered as one of the best options for drainage system. Because of this reason, most of the PVC fitting are designed specifically for drains and waste and vents (DWV) systems. Schedule 40 PVC is used with DWV systems. These systems comparatively require thinner walls that is way they make use of schedule 40 PVC pipes.

Reusability Factor:

It is totally a misconception the PVC is completely a non-reusable material. This perception about PVC is because it cannot be melted down just like any other plastic product. When PVC pipe is burn it release corrosive hydrochloric gas, so burning is not a good way to reuse PVC pipes. It can be easily reusable by doing some mechanical recycling.

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